Hermetically sealed relays for extreme environments

(TE) designed its CII FC-325 series relay for harsh inductive, motor, and lamp load applications within the aerospace, defense, and marine markets. The CII FC-325 Series is a three-pole, 25 amp, nonlatching, hermetically sealed relay that is all welded, lightweight, and has a higher capacity design than similar balanced armature versions. This design, according to TE, provides stable performance and extends the relay’s life. The relay’s all-welded design creates a reliable alternative to similar solder-sealed relays in the market.

Configured as a 3PST/NO (DM), the double make/break contact design of the CII FC-325 series relays shares the load across two contact sets, resulting in less wear and tear on the relay. It is qualified to MS27418 specifications; the series also features a 1.5-inch corrosion-protected cube enclosure. The relay, weighing 0.452 pounds, is aimed at applications such as commercial and military aircraft, weapons systems, launch systems, ground-support equipment, fuel pumps, galley equipment, and missiles. Both solder hook and terminal block configurations are available.

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