Harwin’s Datamate 2-mm jackscrew connectors for high-reliability industries

Harwin’s Datamate jackscrew connectors, aimed at high-reliability applications, come in a variety of connector systems with a choice of slotted or hex socket jackscrew fixings, with board mount for PCB connectors. The pole connectors are marked with “#1 contact” and are available in single-, double-, and triple-row configurations. According to the company, industrial applications such as satellites, robotics, and motor sports now prefer to specify high-reliability connectors with jackscrews, rather than latches or other fixing mechanisms, to ensure a secure connection. The J-Tek jackscrew fixing is also being used in different industries to connect printed circuit boards (PCBs) together in configurations where space is at a premium.

Satellites, especially miniature CubeSats, use jackscrews not only to ensure that the connection survives harsh operating conditions, but also to save space. Harwin recommends that users torque Datamate jackscrews to 21 +/- 2 cN/m. This tightness ensures that devices meet EIA specifications for vibration severity. Jackscrews are available with all Harwin’s Datamate and Mix-Tek (mixed signal, power, and coax) connectors. Features of the Datamate family include 3A per signal contact, 500 mating cycles durability, four-finger contact design to maintain electrical contact through high vibration and shock, and beryllium copper contact for extended temperature range: -55 °C to +125 °C (testing in progress to confirm higher).