GPS splitter includes antenna health sensor

The MS24S is a military qualified, two-input, two-output, GPS splitter with a slimline housing from . The MS24S includes an antenna health sensor and an embedded antenna switch. Dual-input ports enable the splitter to be connected to two GPS receive antennas. The sensor monitors the health of the primary antenna connected to the splitter; based on the information provided by the sensor, the splitter will switch to the secondary antenna in the event of a failure of the primary antenna.

GPS Source designed the embedded switch so it can be controlled externally. This external control can also override the internal automatic switch: If the failure in the primary antenna is resolved, the splitter will automatically switch back to the primary. Additional features include an embedded antenna health sensor, automatic internal antenna port switch, remote antenna port switching capability, and electromagnetic interference shielding. It’s also available in a full-housing size, which enables LED fault screen and power military connection options.

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