GbE switch card aids soldiers and their networks

Out in the harsh environmental terrain of Afghanistan, situational awareness is paramount to mission success and survival. One key enabler is network-centricity, allowing soldiers to receive strategic or protective orders from commanders and other personnel in the timeliest and most straightforward way. We’re going to guess that developers at Parvus had just such a scenario on their minds when they developed the new COM-1268 rugged PC/104-Plus GbE switch card. Designed to heighten IP network-centricity and situational awareness, the 10-port board provides robust network performance even under the most demanding thermal and shock/vibe conditions.

Supporting both IPv4 and the later-and-greater IPv6 Quality of Service (QoS) traffic prioritization, the Layer 2 GbE switch survives – and thrives – in a wide temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C. It also supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Virtual Local-Area Network (VLAN) trunking, and Rapid Spanning Tree (RSP) redundancy. And it is vended as a stand-alone board … or not: It can also be integrated into a mission computer platform, mobile router system, or ruggedized COTS switch subsystem, for example. And there’s even more good news: The COM-1268 does not need an additional processor for board operation and can also be used in non-PC/104 systems.