Dual-guard and quad-diode appliance for data transfer

The XD Bridge – designed as a dual-guard, quad-diode appliance – provides strong security at each system layer: hardware, operating system, and filters. The XD Bridge’s 1 Gb network interfaces deliver high throughput and low-latency data transfer. Designed for a variety of cross-domain and data diode applications, the XD Bridge delivers secure data transfer between systems of differing security levels. The XD Bridge is top-secret SCI and below interoperability (TSABI)-certified at PL-5 with ICD503 assessment pending, with SABI [secret and below interoperability] certification also pending. It is listed on the UCDSMO (formerly UCDSMO Baseline).

The XD Bridge supports both unidirectional and bidirectional transfer modes. With its standard 1U rack-mountable configuration and minimal administration requirements, the XD Bridge can be deployed in enterprise applications, remote operations, or isolated environments. Filters are available for file transfer with deep content inspection and sanitization and streaming protocols such as full-motion video. The product’s design supports rapid development of data-filtering capabilities, including custom security policies and filters.

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