Data link system with built-in multiport Ethernet switch

Troll Systems’ LinkBox is a data link capable of providing downlink and optional uplink of multiple IP streams and control data. Its built-in multiport Ethernet switch and optional wireless router enable seamless connection to cameras, mapping systems, tracking antennas, and other sensors. Radio options are flexible and configured for each customer’s application. Available in standard 1/2 ATR [Air Transport Rack] units, it features a built-in touchscreen monitor that enables operators to configure and control the aircraft’s entire data link system. The LinkBox is controlled from third-party mapping systems, which the company says can reduce the complexity in the cockpit, placing all systems controls in one place (no additional control heads required).

The LinkBox can support any video input, including multiple video streams, and supports both internal encoding and streams from an external source over IP. The transmitted video can be displayed on the local display or optional external HDMI [high-definition multimedia interface] monitor. Audio is supported in analog and embedded modes, while data may be sent over serial or via built-in Ethernet links. Bidirectional data options are available to support full network bridging and routing.