CPU graphics implementation designed for DAL A and ASIL D

Part of the BuiltSAFE Graphics Suite, Mercury Systems’ BuiltSAFE GS multicore renderer runs on a multicore central processing unit (CPU) and is certifiable to DO-178C at the highest design assurance level (DAL A) as well as ASIL D for automotive safety. The software is aimed at use in 3-D rendering technology for safety-critical applications. The BuiltSAFE enables advanced graphics on devices without a graphics processing unit (GPU), rendering purely in software. Eliminating a GPU results in less hardware, lower complexity, and lower certification costs for many applications.

By using CPU-based graphics, this software-only solution eliminates the need to certify GPU hardware for the highest levels of safety and addresses the obsolescence issues associated with GPU devices and the associated graphics memory chips. For systems that include a GPU, the BuiltSAFE GS Multi-Core Renderer can be part of a hybrid solution that uses software-based graphics on the CPU for DAL A level processing and GPU graphics for the highest performance where only DAL C or lower levels of assurance is required. Such a configuration can be useful in avionics systems where only the primary flight display elements need to operate at DAL A.