Board provides server-grade performance with storage connectivity

The TR C4x/msd board – intended for military, aerospace, transportation, and test markets – provides server-grade performance with storage connectivity for use in embedded computer applications. The 10G Ethernet dataplane connectivity enables users to build multiprocessor systems by slotting in additional processor boards at the same time, while high bandwidth coprocessing resources can be connected in adjacent slots via PCI Express expansion plane connections. Security, built-in test, and other options are available to suit users’ application needs.

The 3U board features the eight-core Intel Xeon Processor D-1548 and up to 32 GB of DDR4 ECC DRAM for high-performance embedded computing applications. For storage applications, TR C4x/msd has four SATA600 interfaces for external drives, plus two SATA600 connections for onboard solid-state disk options. Additional features include 3U VPX form factor, up to 16 cores and 32 GB DDR4 memory, an optional 128 GB SATA flash module and 2.5-inch SSD for local storage, 2x 10GBASE-KR data plane connectivity, and 4/8/16 PCI Express Gen3 expansion plane for local coprocessing and I/O resources.

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