3U VPX storage module with REDI conduction and air-cooled configurations

’s VP1-250-SSD/HDD [solid-state drive/hard disk drive] Serial ATA (SATA)-based blade delivers high capacity data storage for military, aerospace, and industrial applications requiring rugged, secure, and durable mass data storage. The VP1-250-SSD/HDD is a 3U VPX storage module that can support either a rotating or solid-state hard drive. When used with supporting media, the VP1-250-SSD/HDD supports the “purge” input signal to destroy the media or the “zeroize” command that performs a Department of Defense (DoD)-approved erasure of the media in case of hostile seizure.

The VP1-250-SSD/HDD provides high transfer and I/O rates, enhanced endurance, and maximum data integrity. Features include REDI conduction and air-cooled configurations; it supports SATA and PCI Express interfaces and can operate at up to 80,000 feet of altitude. The temperature range extends from -40 °C to +85 °C. Users can connect the module as a SATA drive or via the PCIe interface. It also features a jumper-selectable SSD of up to 4 TB and can feature rotating disk drives (RDDs) as many as 4 TB. It can be configured to work from fat pipe A or B from the VPX bus, can perform as many as 80,000+ 4 KB random IOPS [input/output operations per second], and uses integrated single-level cell (SLC), multilevel cell (MLC), enterprise MLC (eMLC), or NAND SSDs. The VP1 meets military and IRIG telemetry 106•07 declassification standards.

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