3U OpenVPX backplane design with data rate options up to 40 Gbps

’ VPX30 backplanes are compliant with the latest interoperability specifications. The backplanes have data rate options as fast as 40 Gbps, with selectable rear I/O options. While the backplane was designed with five, six, seven, nine, 12, and 18 slots as a standard, other sizes are also available.

The 3U backplane design is customizable and modifiable upon request without nonrecurring engineering costs (NRE), with conformal coating optional; to customize, a minimum order placement is required. Pixus also has several off-the-shelf 3U and 6U configurations. Other VPX derivations include (base VPX), for optical, and for radio frequency (RF). Pixus also provides accessories to use with the backplanes, such as power boards and RTM cables.

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