3-D LIDAR camera can generate as many as 20 frames per second

The TigerCub 3D Flash LIDAR camera from is a lightweight (less than three pounds), small-form-factor (11 by 10 by 12 cm) integrated 3-D camera that can be used to provide autonomous (e.g. rendezvous, proximity, landing, etc.) operations or assist man-in-the loop imaging. The camera is capable of capturing a full array of independently triggered pixels per each frame, generating 16,300 3-D individual range and intensity points at as many as 20 frames per second as 3-D pointcloud images or video streams per laser pulse (frame) in real time.

The TigerCub with Zephyr laser configuration uses a sensor engine that is a 128 by 128 focal plane array, generates a 1.57 um laser wavelength (1064 or 532 nm versions are also available), and can operate at up to 20 Hz (with 30 Hz possible upon request). A bayonet mount enables the user to mount lenses (60°, 45°, 30°, 15°, 8.6°, and 3° field of view currently available). When using the camera with the laser, users are given a fast-change diffuser port, dual cooling fans, an anodized-metal laser unit, and a common plate to tightly integrate the laser with the camera. The setup uses a 24 VDC power supply and operates at 15 W and supports Ethernet and CameraLink interfaces.

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