Top 10 cybersecurity stories of 2018

The top cyber security stories of 2018 covered the use of blockchain in embedded systems, supply chain security, RISC-V in FPGAs, quantum computing, and more. Check them out below:

  1. Using RISC-V in FPGAs for strategic defense systems
  2. Blockchain for embedded systems
  3. Ready or not, the quantum computing revolution is here
  4. VME lives!
  5. Mars, methodologies, and mastery of embedded development
  6. Data-to-decision: Fueling netcentric defense solutions with the IIoT and fog computing
  7. No room for compromise in supply chain security: New DoD initiative establishes benchmark for strategic ICT sourcing
  8. U.S. attack submarine fleet expands and gets sonar, COTS upgrades
  9. Mission- and life-critical cyber resilience for military platforms
  10. Military tech leadership transitioning to private sector