Top 10 military artificial intelligence stories of 2018

The top artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning stories of 2018 covered AI and military RF systems, autonomous radar platforms, mobile computing and AI, spectrum sharing, and more. Check them out below:

  1. Military AI/machine learning speeds decision-making and efficiency for warfighters
  2. The path to smarter, autonomous radar and EW platforms
  3. Space missions gaining vision, precision, autonomy
  4. Artificial intelligence can help warfighters on many fronts
  5. Ready or not, the quantum computing revolution is here
  6. RF spectrum sharing between U.S. military, public wireless users to be put to the test
  7. Mobile computing mounts in popularity for military field use
  8. AI and military RF systems
  9. Cyberattack attribution: Is it actually a deterrent?
  10. U.S. Army’s AI facial recognition works in the dark