Intel processors and 3D Legos demo by Emerson Network Power

Engineers at Emerson Network Power had some fun at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany this week when they ran a demo that leveraged facial recognition-like software with Intel processors and Lego toy boxes to create a 3D image of the toy inside the box.

Essentially a 16 gigabyte embedded box with an processor was working with a monitor and camera to create a a image of what the particular model would look like when finished, says Shreekant Raivadera, marketing communications manager for . The software — designed by a German company called Metaio — would recognize the box and project the 3D image it had stored in memory onto the screen.

This concept demo was put together for , but has potential for military applications such as mission rehearsal, simulation & training, and even 3D maintenance aids, Raivadera says.

The picture shows Raivadera holding the Lego box with the 3D image appearing to project from it on the monitor, while yours truly captures it with a Blackberry.

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