Ada language gets attention outside of military circles

Designers of tools for the Ada programming language say there is a lot of interest at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany this year for Ada among medical system designers.

It’s not just a niche military programming language anymore, says Jaime Ayre, marketing director at Adacore in Paris, France. Military applications are not the only ones that cannot fail and need to rely on robust software code — medical, transportation and industrial have similar safety requirements, he continues. If you look at jobs posted on Linkedin you will see Ada knowledge required for not only avionics engineers but railway engineers or anyone working on safety critical systems, Ayre adds.

The language wars are pretty much over now, says Quentin Ochem, technical account manager at Adacore. Customers want more domain specific solutions, in other words it is not all C++ or all Ada, but the best language that fits the task, he adds.

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