Military signal processing and graphics processing growth areas for AMD processors

AMD officials at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany this week say their G Series General Purpose Processors (GPUs) are getting a lot of attention in military signal processing applications where high-performance and intensive number crunching are crucial.

Ruggedization of the G Series is done by AMD’s military partners, says Kelly Gillilan, product marketing manager for AMD Embedded Solutions. Like everyone else military integrators want lower , , and power (SWaP) from their processor components, he adds.

AMD used to just concentrate on a couple key markets, but the reduction in the size, weight, and power of their devices has opened up a lot of new applications for AMD devices, Gillilan says.

Later this year AMD will be releasing a new product code-named Trinity that will be a “big brother”to the G Series and will dual and quad core options, he continues.

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