FPGA integration important to military SDR

FPGA integration experience is what many military Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Software Defined Radio (SDR) users want from board suppliers, Connect Tech's Patrick Dietrich told me at Embedded World in Germany today.

Engineers at recently finished a customized design of one of their modules for a military application, said Dietrich,a engineer for Connect Tech. Connect Tech got the design win because of their integration espertise combined with the size, weight, and power advantages of Com Express modules, he added.

“The whole idea of integration of FPGA with a Com Carrier board for military applications is that you can offload your critical I/O manipulation,” Dietrich said. SDRs need a lot of , he added.

In general military user also like Com Express because it is a common standard that is widely adopted with the latest processor technology, enabling easy ipgrades of CPUs, Dietrich continued.

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