VPX interest in Europe increasing

I had a good chat on VPX today at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany with Frank Godulla, director of sales for Hartmann Electronic. Godulla says VPX will really explode when interest peaks for VPX products outisde of the military market.

Right now the interest is mainly military, which means low volume orders, he says. Once Commercial-oriented markets integrate systems volumes will increase. Godulla says he had two non-military customers come bu his booth today looking for information on VPX products.

The growth potential of VPX was also partially behind buying a piece of , an Israel-based company that specializes in rugged computers and ATR systems. Military customers who want VPX, often want it in a rugged ATR system and MILPER’s technology enables Hartmann Electronic to provide those features, Godulla says.

Godulla adds that his business is very steady and does not see that changing any time soon.

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