Top avionics stories of 2017

The top avionics stories of the year focused on different aspects of aerospace applications with articles that reviewed the tactical advantage to the warfighter via the use of and how reliability and flexibility in the design process are key. The list includes some our contributors such as Abaco Systems and Adacore, both providing an insight into the world .

Top 10 avionics articles published in 2017:

  1. Synthetic vision systems on the way for military avionics
  2. Next-gen aviation systems see push for automation, multicore processors in the certification process
  3. Landing drones on moving targets
  4. Mimicking birds’ flight could be the next step in drone design
  5. Safety-certifiable COTS case
  6. RF and microwave technology enabling multimission unmanned systems
  7. Formal program verification in avionics certification
  8. Multicore, COTS certification, open architecture the hot topics at European avionics event
  9. Unmanned ground vehicle pilots drones for “eye in the sky”
  10. Counter-UAV market heats up


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