Air traffic control strikes cost EU GDP $13 billion in 2016

MUNICH, Germany. Aviation Electronics Europe keynote speaker Stefanie Erdmann, Policy Director at Airlines for Europe A4E, stunned many United Kingdom citizens in attendance when she reported that the UK has highest passenger tax spending across Europe and she got everyone's attention when she shared that Air Traffic Control strikes cost 140,000 jobs in 2016.

This slide from Erdmann’s presentation shows that European passengers shelled out more than 5.6 billion Euros (about $6.1 billion) in tax during 2016, with the United Kingdom leading the way at about 3.6 billion Euros (about $3.9 billion).

Slide from A4E Keynote presentation at .

Erdmann also made a buzz when she reported that strikes cost the European Union GDP about 12 billion Euros (about $13 billion) while also costing about 140,000 jobs. Of that $12 billion Euros she estimated that lost airline revenues made up 6 percent, loss of productivity at 35 percent, and a whopping 59 percent of that number was due to reduced tourism spending.

Slide from A4E presentation at Aviation Electronics Europe.

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