Marines bring their tech and equipment to the desert

Phoenix was in the sporting spotlight when the Super Bowl XLIX came to town earlier in the year. Around that same time, we also saw Brooks Koepka win the final round at the infamous Phoenix Open with Ryan Palmer and Bubba Watson trailing behind. Now Phoenix is once again in the spotlight as we host Marine Week, where over 600 marines come flooding down our dusty gates to showcase their technology, their equipment, and especially their brawns.

Phoenicians will have the opportunity to endure a workout alongside these marines – which I hope they take full advantage of, if they do nothing else during the events of this week. This is a great time for people to meet face-to-face the young faces that are still trying to understand the world they live in. I got lucky enough to be part of Fleet Week a couple of times during my time in the Navy. They are fun, exhausting, and those are experiences that I will never forget.

During this week, people will have the opportunity to climb aboard aircrafts like the and a or the . For something less ambitious, but nonetheless intriguing people can meet Navajo Code Talkers. These marines spend countless of hours maintaining not just their vehicles, but their weapons, and rest of equipment they need.

Being part of the military is not a job. It’s not a nine-to-five, or a part-time evolution to make ends meet. Being in the military is a lifestyle; it’s a culture of its own in this world. For marines, this week is a break of the routine. It’s time to enjoy life, even though they are still working and still wearing their uniform. should be fun and entertaining. I say this because that’s what it was for me. Even though I spent some of time giving tours and working during Fleet Week, it was still a good time. And I hope that when they are out having fun tonight, that they are given nothing but love and respect.

Next year Phoenix is planning on hosting the College Football National Championship, while in 2017 the NCAA men’s basketball Final Four will come to town. My first thought of Marine Week being held here was “at least I got to go to places like New York for Fleet Week – instead they send the marines to the desert.”

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