Mitigating counterfeit ICs, new COTS management standard, tin whiskers, military IC reliability highlight CMSE program

LOS ANGELES. Counterfeit mitigation, reliability of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) integrated circuits (ICs), supply chain challenges, new OEM COTS Management standard, are some of the topics in the lineup for the Components for Military & Space Electronics (CMSE) conference being held March 2-3 in Los Angeles at the Concourse Hotel.

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The conference founder, Leon Hamiter, has an excellent lineup of speakers from NASA JPL, Boeing, Raytheon, CALCE AVX, Peregrine Semiconductor, etc. I attended last year as a keynote speaker at the 2014 event and learned quite a bit on counterfeit IC challenges from the talks that week (Full disclosure: I sit on the CMSE advisory board as well).

Hamiter once again has an entire session dedicated to this subject with the following talks:

– “Is the Supply Chain and Logistics Ready for Use of Taggants for Counterfeit Avoidance?”
Dr. Diganta Das, CALCE

– “Electronics Supply Chain- Impact of Counterfeit Final DFARS Ruling, Expansion of Non-conforming
Hardware Reporting & NDAA 2015 Section 818 updates”
Aaron DerMarderosian Jr., Raytheon Co.

– “Counterfeiting, Supply Chain Security, and the Cyber Threat; Why Defending Against Counterfeit
Electronics is No Longer Enough”
Janice Meraglia, Bob MacDowell, Applied DNA Sys.

– “Developments in Ceramic Taggants for Authentication or Provenance Marking of Electronic Components”
Robert Lowry, Dr. Arthur Jonath, Arthur Jonath Associates

Hamiter opens the conference with a talk on “Will Advanced COTS ICs be Reliable Enough for Military Electronics?”

Other key talks include:

– “New OEM COTS Management Standard – 933 And Discussion Group”
Lloyd Condra, Boeing

– “Tin Whiskers: Mystery and Menace”
Rob Rowland, Axiom Electronics LLC

– “Screening vs. Qualification of Microcircuits”
Shri Agarwal, NASA-JPL

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