Veterans Workshop

Each month in this section the editorial staff of will highlight a different charity that benefits military veterans and their families. We are honored to cover the technology that protects those who protect us every day and to back that up, our parent company – OpenSystems Media – will make a donation to each charity we showcase on this page.

In the October issue we featured the Veterans Workshop, which is a veteran-operated organization that assists disabled veterans with technology-related job training and mainly work-from-home positions. Veterans Workshop is a 501(c)(3) charity organization that aims to improve the lives of injured or disabled veterans as they assimilate back into civilian life after duty. They mainly focus on providing workshops to blind, deaf, paralyzed, and unemployed veterans.

There are four teaching programs veterans can apply for on the website. These workshops include teaching blind veterans how to make phone calls for deaf veterans using Adobe connect virtual classroom technology; teaching deaf veterans to convert websites to be 508-compliant (equally accessible to people with disabilities); teaching paralyzed veterans how to communicate with technology; and teaching unemployed veterans a new skill that will benefit them in the workplace. According to the website,, most of the training will allow vets to get a job within three months or less, with the benefit of most of the positions being in the IT sector, where vets can work from the comfort of their own homes.

Some of the jobs available to vets who complete the training include: Blind Relay Operator; Certified Salesforce Administrator; Technical Support; Video and Image Interpretation; ADA 508 Compliance Validator; Eye Tracking Communication Specialist; Social Media Analyst; and more.

All of these programs are free to qualified veterans and are available due to donations. These not only include monetary donations, but other forms such as donating your car, boat, truck, or RV via Kars4Vets; volunteering with a project or providing programming knowledge; and donating computer equipment for the vets to use when they secure a work-from-home position.

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