Bluefin-21 UUV continues its search for missing Malaysian airlines flight

The Unmanned Underwater Vehicle () from Robotics has been the only vessel of its kind aiding in the search for missing flight over the past several weeks. This particular U.S. Navy-owned Bluefin-21 has been equipped with , and yet despite valiant efforts has not yet found any sign of the plane wreckage during its search in the .

Multiple hiccups and delays have occurred recently, including trips back to Australia to replenish supplies. The Bluefin’s mission is currently on hold for the next several days, due to a malfunctioning part and a broken transponder on the Bluefin’s mothership, an Australian vessel named the Ocean Shield.

This is not good news for the multitude of family members and loved ones who are still awaiting answers and news of the missing flight, which was first reported as missing on March 8, over two months ago. Hope turned to fear, which now has escalated to anger and frustration. Despite the delays and the certain bleak outcome, this reporter hopes the Bluefin-21 will successfully complete its mission to uncover the remains of the aircraft and its passengers.

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