February is prime time for awards at Embedded World … and more

While Hollywood loudly preps every February for its glitzy, blingy Oscar awards, there’s another show on the other side of the world that’s also rife with awards and its own brand of razzle dazzle: the annual industry trade show and exhibition, reputed as the world’s largest such event, held earlier this week in , Germany.

Boasting 872 exhibitors and 22,262 visitors last year, this year’s Embedded World hosted 901 exhibitors, who showcased a vast volume of wares in the following categories: Hardware – 1,855 products; Tools – 971 products; Application software – 437 products; and Services – 804 “products.” (Obviously, these numbers represent exponentially more candidates for the Embedded World 2013 awards than there have ever been for a single annual Oscars awards night.)

And the award goes to …

The nominees and award winners for this year’s Embedded World awards are:

Segment Hardware: Winner – Enpirion, for its EL711 low-cost PowerSoC, which employs electroplated wafer-level magnetics technology, rendering 18 MHz switching frequency POL DC/DC conversion at an efficiency as high as 90 percent.

Other nominees: STMicroelectronics International BV for its ST Energy Harvesting memory: M24LR

Segment Software: Winner – ARM Limited, for the ARM/Vodafone mbed LoT Rapid Prototyping Platform, which is an Internet of Things (IoT) microcontroller rapid prototyping platform that utilizes consumer USB 3G modems for connectivity.

Other nominees: Polarion Software GmbH for its namesake Polarion product, and Parasoft Deutschland GmbH for its Open Embedded Testing Platform (OETP)

Segment Tools: Winner – iSystems AG for its iC6000 BluBox product, described by the company as a “real-time embedded software development, test and measurement tool platform.”

Other nominees: mikroElektronika for the EasyPIC Fusion v7, MathWorks for Simulink 8.0, and Verum Software Technologies BV for ASD: Suite.

Special-Segment Hardware & Tools: Winner – Fraunhofer IIS, for the Maintenance-Free, Self-Powered, Multi-Hop . (There were no additional nominees in this category.)

Fast forward to next year

While it’s impossible to predict precisely which technologies (or movies) will win their respective industry’s awards next year, one thing is certain: Embedded technology companies will continue innovating things that could never even have been imagined 2, 3, or even 5 years ago. And the Internet of Things appears poised to continue as a critical driver of embedded tech going forward.

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