PODCAST: Defense avionics platforms benefit from FACE Technical Standard

The Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Technical Standard, created to enable reuse of software components across multiple avionics platforms, enables avionics systems designers to greatly reduce the cost of software development over the platform’s life cycle. This will save hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars in the long run. Adoption of the FACE Technical Standard continues to grow — it’s in version 3.0 currently — and the FACE Consortium, managed by The Open Group, has about 90 member companies with 20 products in the FACE registry. In this podcast, Jeffry Howington of Collins Aerospace – also vice chairman of the FACE Consortium Steering Committee for nine years, discusses with me the impact of FACE on the military avionics community, the involvement of the user community, the benefits of FACE Technical Standard 3.0, and other topics.

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