Top military electronics stories of the decade: 2010-2019

Looking back on our top 15 read stories since 2010, seeing what topics and authors have trended well through the past decade, was a fun little exercise. No surprise, our most-read guest blogger, Ray Alderman, Chairman of the Board at VITA, dominates the list with five entires of his Warfare Evolution Blog, while articles and news on FPGAs, GPS jamming, and EMP weapons flavored the top of the list. Another guest blogger, Ronen Isaac of Milsource, placed two entries in the top 15 with his Ethernet Everywhere Blog. Check them our below.

1. Radar cross section: The measure of stealth (March, 2017)

2. Raytheon EMP weapon tested by Boeing, USAF Research Lab (November, 2012)

3. U.S. Army contracts for full-rate production on M109A7 weapon vehicle (December, 2017)

4. Defining fifth generation warfare (February, 2015)

5. Cryptology, cryptography, and cryptanalysis (December, 2015)

6. FPGA or GPU? – The evolution continues (September, 2014)

7. Securing military GPS from spoofing and jamming vulnerabilities (November, 2015)

8. DoD C4ISR market revenue to benefit from COTS and IoT systems (December, 2015)

9. Sixth generation warfare: manipulating space and time (May, 2012)

10. Long-range bombers and the kill web (July, 2018)

11. MUM-T operations on the U.S. Army’s UAS roadmap (April, 2016)

12. Static routing vs dynamic routing on Ethernet networks (November, 2015)

13. Designing a rad-hard CubeSat onboard computer (June, 2018)

14. Link aggregation: A cool tip for better bandwidth & redundancy on Ethernet switches (February, 2015)

15. Military AI/machine learning speeds decision-making and efficiency for warfighters (May, 2018)